Capability Chart -Workshop

Do you know exactly what sort of competence you have in your team? And what sort of skills you will need in the future?

Skill Set Check Is an Important Strategic Tool Supporting Your Growth

In this workshop, we help you identify the strengths and competence of your team members and future needs. Skill set check (or mapping them out) is an important strategic tool that helps you make good strategic hires that will support growth.

We claim that only a minority of companies and organizations are able to actively and systematically find individuals’ true potential. And also encourage them to use it.


What will this workshop do?
  • Content staff – may increase happiness at work
  • Real-time check on skills -> effective use of full potential
  • Plan alternative paths for those whose skills are needed less in the future
  • Increased customer and work satisfaction
  • Controlled employee turnover and enhanced visibility on strategic recruitment


Half day workshop starting from 750€ + VAT.

Vappu Kassinen Notarec

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