Reboot Recruitment -Workshop

Do you want to reboot and optimize your recruitment process? We got you. In these practical workshops we find the best solution for your organisation and transfer our knowledge into your use.

Hey You, Recruiter!

Do you need a boost to your or your team’s recruitment work? Want to get fresh ideas for your daily work or do you face challenges and wish to receive support?

Our core know-how is in modern recruitment and IT headhunting. With these practical workshops, we transfer our know-how so you can recruit efficiently.


We tailor every workshop to match your needs. But here are some topic areas:
  • Learn to recruit as a team
  • Using LinkedIn in recruitment
  • Fundamentals of modern recruitment


Or Are You Completely New in Recruitment? Check This Out!

If you have just started or are fairly new in recruitment, we are happy to help you! This following practical workshop is also good when you need to design your organisation’s recruitment process again or from the scratch.

Like a Pro -package (5 weeks)

Weeks 1–2:
Everyone who participates in recruiting are interviewed in the first week. After this, current and target state -analyses are conducted.

Week 3:
Half-day training and workshop afternoon, where we kick things off. We create the basis for team collaboration.

Weeks 3-5
Taking the skills into practice.

Week 5
Wrapping things up! Final report and action plans.


Workshops starting from 950€ + VAT.

5 week Like a Pro -package starting from 2,450€ + VAT.

Kaisa Seppälä Notarec

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