Outstanding Onboarding -Workshop

Facing challenges in retaining new employees? Hired a skilled person but the new employee cannot get started as wished? The reason for these can often be found in the important phase of the recruitment process - onboarding.

When You Want Your Employees to Stay

A successful onboarding will help the new employee to commit and engage to your company faster from the get-go. Different tools will help you with this. Onboarding is, at the end of the day, human to human action, where knowledge and practice but also company culture is transferred to the new employee even before they start.

How will a well-thought onboarding process help?
  • The new employee is more likely to stay in your company
  • An employee integrates with the team better – teamwork becomes more efficient
  • Budget savings when employee turnover decreases, recruitment costs diminish and productivity increases
  • Onboarding is also required by law


Outstanding Onboarding -workshop will be tailored to your requirements. We have noticed that the combination of educational and inclusive workshop will provide best results.


Starting from 950€ +VAT.

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