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Partner up with us for genuine and visionary modern recruitment, HR and coaching services.

Who Are We?

What do you get when you start collaborating with Notarec? Human to human service – Real, fair, and value-adding service. We are united by our passionate attitude towards our work and we have a spirit of getting things done. “No bullshit” -mentality guides us, you will not get empty jargon but fair and frank communication. We go to the core, dig deep, highlight companies’ own identity  – human to human.

Sofia Järnström

Founder & CEO

Tel. +358 44 745 4492

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Kaisa Seppälä

Partner, Chief Growth Officer

Tel. +358 50 433 5138

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Anna-Maija Västilä

Partner & Advisor, HRD & Recruitment

Tel. +358 50 402 8338

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Vappu Kassinen

Partner & Advisor, Coaching & Recruitment

Tel. +358 400 656 784

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Siiri Anttila

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Tel. +358 40 681 2994

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Tero Kuusela

HR & Talent Acquisition Consultant

Tel. +358 44 493 7207

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