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We offer genuine, real, and skillful modern recruitment, HR and coaching professionals to partner up with you.

Who Are We?

What do you get when you start collaborating with Notarec? Human to human service – Real, fair, and value-adding service. We are united by our passionate attitude towards our work and we have a spirit of getting things done. “No bullshit” -mentality guides us, you will not get empty jargon but fair and frank communication. We go to the core, dig deep, highlight companies’ own identity  – human to human.

Sofia Järnström

CEO, Recruitment, HRD & Employer Branding

I am a modern recruitment expert. My secret weapon comes from growing up in Lapland, especially the mentality – I’m a doer, I get things done and have the courage to try. I get passionate about recruitment design,  Employer Branding strategies, and headhunting. I want to help companies to become the best versions of themselves as employers and thus, build a fairer and more productive society for us all.


***currently on maternity leave***

Tel. +358 44 745 4492

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Sinikka Korkea-aho

Recruitment, Headhunting, HR services

I am a recruitment and HR expert, who enjoys all things marketing and communication. Also, I have a wee bit of engineer in me, who gets excited about technical stuff. I am at my best with people – I am a good listener and pick up the things that really matter. I’m organised and also good at creating action plans and putting them into practice. My passion is to find the raw diamond in people and companies, the hidden gem they didn’t know was special. I want to put that into words and tell everyone. Words change the world.

Tel. +358 40 681 2994

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Kaisa Seppälä

Employer Branding & Recruitment

I am a professional in modern recruitment and HR, for whom the role of HR is to be a strategic partner of the business. My expertise in HR centers around Employer Branding, recruitment, company culture, and how to lead it. My goal is to be at the forefront of building future work-life and recruitment – openly and trusting in people.

Tel. +358 50 433 5138

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Anna-Leena Kontio

Recruitment & HRD

Familiarly known as Ansku – a recruitment professional who gets excited about other people and company stories. I have successfully taken care of professional recruitments in IT, engineering, and other industries. Occasionally I speak IT and engineering “languages”, even though one cannot make me into a coder. Genuine interest, being able to listen and understand needs are my key competences at work. I want to accelerate companies’ growth by being strategic recruitment and hr partner. People make the business – let’s make sure together that the best asset of your company feels well!

Tel. +358 40 585 4631

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Vappu Kassinen

Coaching & Consulting

As a coach, I am genuine and love to listen. I am packed with positive energy and liveliness. I can easily find strengths from the people I coach, raising their professional self-esteem and trust their own doing. I want to play a part of creating more open and content work communities. Coaching is my dream job, and it sure shows.

Tel. +358 400 656 784

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