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Who Are We?

What do you get when you start collaborating with Notarec? Human to human service – Real, fair, and value-adding service. We are united by our passionate attitude towards our work and we have a spirit of getting things done. “No bullshit” -mentality guides us, you will not get empty jargon but fair and frank communication. We go to the core, dig deep, highlight companies’ own identity  – human to human.

Vappu Kassinen

Partner, Coaching, Consulting & C-level executive search

As a coach, I am genuine and love to listen. I am packed with positive energy and liveliness. I can easily find strengths from the people I coach, raising their professional self-esteem and trust their own doing. I want to play a part of creating more open and content work communities. Coaching is my dream job, and it sure shows.

Tel. +358 400 656 784

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Antti Raappana

Sales Manager

At Notarec I work as a sales manager helping our clients find the best solutions for their recruitment and HR. I’m a people person who has years of experience in service sales. I thrive on succeeding together with our clients, and by creating long-term, productive partnerships. I feel accomplished when my clients genuinely benefit from our partnership. I am naturally quite talkative guy with a positive attitude on life, and most likely you’ll see me with always a smile on my face. I talk and act human to human in every situation and with me you get what you see!

Tel. +358 44 491 6545

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Sofia Järnström

CEO, Founder

I am a modern recruitment expert. My secret weapon comes from growing up in Lapland, especially the mentality – I’m a doer, I get things done and have the courage to try. I get passionate about recruitment design,  Employer Branding and Talent strategies, and headhunting. I want to help companies to become the best versions of themselves as employers and thus, build a fairer and more productive society for us all.

Tel. +358 44 745 4492

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Anna-Leena Poukkanen

Partner, Talent Advisor

Also known as Ansku – a recruitment professional who gets excited about other people and business stories. I have successfully executed IT, engineering, and other specialist level recruitments. My strengths are: building a talent organisation and developing recruitment function, and also building and nurturing a talent network. I want to accelerate companies’ growth by being a strategic recruitment and HR partner. People make the business – let’s make sure together that the best asset of your company is well!

Tel. +358 40 585 4631

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Anna-Maija Västilä

HRD & Recruitment

I am an advocate for HR practices that are genuinely human-oriented and enhancing wellbeing – my goal is to create better work life that makes the business and employees bloom. As a consultant I want to build real and caring relationships that are based on common trust, both with the enterprise customers and candidates. My core skills concentrate on talent acquisition, as I have successfully recruited various software development and engineering professionals. I have also wide experience in inhouse HRD and admin work, from everything between HR reporting, onboarding and beyond. Always doing my job with all my heart!

Tel. +358 50 402 8338

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Meri Merkkiniemi

HRD & Executive Search

I’m an MBA with a background working in the fields of information technology, healthcare and education. I am a specialist in various training issues and information system deployments. I have a wide experience in managing HR issues, especially recruitment, onboarding and team work. I’m efficient in project work, developing processes, planning & organizing. On top of that I am highly experienced in customer service and handling customer relationships. My goal is to help clients build modern organisations and work-life, and to help employees to strengthen their competence.

Tel. +358 44 493 2704

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Heidi Mankinen

Advisor, HRM & HR Service Design

I’m an experienced HR professional with versatile background from international organizations. Proven ability to lead HR-function successfully across countries. Experience in the employee life-cycle overall, in developing people manager capabilities, performance and reward, change management (in stages of growth-, downsizing- and closing of business), as well as working capacity management and health- and well-being at work.

Strong areas of interest for me are performance management and compensation related areas as well as process and people related development initiatives.

Tel. +358 50 486 9822

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Siiri Anttila

Talent Sourcer

I am a team player, who is passionate about recruitment, excellent communication and developing the employer brand and the candidate experience. Also orientation processes are close to my heart! My core skills are in recruitment and HR, I have also worked as a team leader. I have a master’s degree in economics. I always do my job with a positive attitude and have the courage to try new things.

Tel. +358 40 681 2994

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Ronja Järvelä

Talent Sourcer

I am an HR and recruitment professional whose main interests lie within developing recruitment processes, employer branding and employee well-being. I value genuine connections, continuous learning and learning from others – both in and out of office. In my spare time I enjoy exercising and binge-watching documentaries and series.

The very core of my expertise lies in connecting with people both in and out of recruitment processes and a development-centred way of thinking. I have experience in both agile recruitment processes within the private sector and worked in HR for a public sector organisation with over 7 000 employees.

Tel. +358 44 493 4416

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Valtteri Uusitalo

Talent Sourcer

I am a result-oriented recruiter who’s focused on providing excellent customer and candidate experience. I always do my job with an energetic grip. In my work, I am motivated by successes and meeting goals. I am used to recruiting in industries with shortage of experts. I look forward to working together!

Tel. +358 44 720 4481

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Tero Kuusela

Talent Sourcer

My passion is to build better HR and working life. All of this is driven by my own interests, values and meaningfulness. As an expert, I strive to help both organisations and employees to thrive. I am particularly interested in recruitment, well-being at work and employee experience. Born and bred in Lapland, I hold Master’s Degree in Economics and have previous experience in human resources helping young professionals to start their career.

Tel. +358 44 493 7207

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Kaisa Seppälä

Partner, Employer Branding & Recruitment

I am a professional in modern recruitment and HR, for whom the role of HR is to be a strategic partner of the business. My expertise in HR centers around Employer Branding, recruitment, company culture, and how to lead it. My goal is to be at the forefront of building future work-life and recruitment – openly and trusting in people.


**on a maternity leave**

Tel. +358 50 433 5138

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