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Hard to find suitable candidates for your team? Let us help! We connect IT talents with our customers.

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When You Want to Reach out to Passive Applicants

Dou you have challenges in finding the right talent? Time is running and you need to find a good applicant as soon as possible? In this scenario, you might want to consider using a recruitment partner.


We Reach Passive Applicants for You

Our core expertise is within IT recruitment and headhunting. In Talent Finder-model our recruiter has gotten familiar with your business and team, so that the suitable/right talents can be introduced to you.


What do you get with Talent Finder?
  • Headhunting collaboration – IT & Engineering
  • You only pay for results, no retainers


We Fill the Demanding Positions

Not only do we find the right talent for your company, but we also contact and interview them. Talent Finder is suitable for companies that recruit actively and want to find a reliable recruitment partner to help with building up their talent network.

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A fee for successful placement:

Candidate’s 2½ months’ salary

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  • What makes us a good partner in HR and recruitment?

    We do our job with a big heart. We want to understand how to genuinely create value for our customers and help them succeed. In order to guarantee customer satisfaction, we give you a value proposition.

  • What is unique about us?

    We are not just a normal consultant company. You do not need to find the HR unicorn anymore – when you partner with our consultant, you get the expertise of our whole team.

    We get positive feedback from our customers about our values, company culture, and attitude. We take responsibility for our work and you are not marrying us when you start a partnership with us. We are flexible and we understand the changing circumstances of our customers – changes to the contract with 7 days’ notice.

  • I hire once or twice a year, should I choose Talent Finder or RaaS?

    We’d suggest you opt for a transparent and efficient one-off recruitment, hence we recommend RaaS. We can always put the contract on hold when there are no assignments to fill.

  • I have other recruitment partners, can I also use them?

    Absolutely. Our contracts are non-exclusive.


  • What is your probation warranty?

    If you hire someone and they leave by the end of probation, we share risks whether you choose to pay everything at once or by installments.