Not Another Recruiter

If you are looking for skilled recruiters, look no further! We got an expert for you whether it is for finding and reaching the right expert for your open position, or building and nurturing your talent pool, and in general making sure your recruitment game is prepared for unexpected turns.

RaaS – Resourcing as a Service

Need help with contacting the right talent or developing your recruitment function to perfection?

For companies who value high quality, data-driven recruitment process and top notch candidate experience.

Yes please, I want help with recruitment

Need help with recruitment? – We got you!


Our recruitment services are for you if you nod on one or more of the following:

  • Your business would grow, but you can’t find the right talent?
  • You need to hire, so you advertise the position and get zero suitable applicants?
  • You want to contact the right talent within your industry, but don’t know how or where to start?
  • Recruitment is handled among your other daily tasks and don’t have enough time for it?
  • You don’t have recruitment strategy nor organized recruitment function prepared for unexpected events?
  • You have a role to fill that needs sensitivity and low-key visibility? You don’t want to make it public or approach suitable applicants yourselves?
  • You want to find out what the potential candidates in the market think of you as an employer?
  • You’d like to learn to recruit efficiently?
  • You have a recruitment peak coming up and need someone to help you with the workload?