One of Us - hire an interim or a part time HR

Do you need a competent HR expert for your project or for part-time? Perfect for companies who do not need a full time HR.

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When You Need Help in HR Work

In One of Us-model, you can hire a HR professional ad hoc or for more permanent need. With us you’re not tied into long term contracts unless you want to – any changes can be made with 7 days’ notice. Our HR consultant will work in your premises, with your tools and systems, as one of you.


One of Us-model is the perfect option when:
  • You do not need a full-time HR
  • Your own HR work load gets excessive
  • You need a HR specialist to jump in due to a parental or a sick leave


There are many focus areas our consultants can jump right in, such as recruiting, interviewing, employment contracts, onboarding, coaching, development, or change management projects, employee well-being, HR auditing, and creating HR processes and materials. We got you covered.

Get in touch and tell us more about your requirements, let’s see how we can be of help!


Weekly billing:

2 days / wk – 995€ + VAT
3 days / wk – 1475€ + VAT
4 days / wk – 1975€ + VAT
5 days / wk – 2435€ + VAT

+ extra hours 75 € / h

Sinikka Korkea-Aho Notarec

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  • What makes us a good partner in HR and recruitment?

    We do our job with a big heart. We want to understand how to genuinely create value for our customers and help them succeed. In order to guarantee customer satisfaction, we give you a value proposition.

  • What is unique about us?

    We are not just a normal consultant company. You do not need to find the HR unicorn anymore – when you partner with our consultant, you get the expertise of our whole team.

    We get positive feedback from our customers about our values, company culture, and attitude. We take responsibility for our work and you are not marrying us when you start a partnership with us. We are flexible and we understand the changing circumstances of our customers – changes to the contract with 7 days’ notice.

  • We need a part-time HR professional for the season, is that ok?

    Absolutely. We only offer flexible contracts (changes can be made in 7 days’ notice).

  • Can I decide who is going to work for us?

    Of course! You get to interview our HR professionals before you make the decision.

  • How do I know if I should choose RaaS or One of Us?

    We go through your requirements together and give you a proposal based on it. However, RaaS-model is suitable when you need help with recruitment, and One of Us when there’s a long-term project or you require a part time HR.