HR and Recruitment Services

If you are looking for skilled HR or recruitment specialists, look no further! We got an expert for you. Part-time or for projects, hassle-free.

Do you need a partner in recruitment or in HR? – We got you!

HR and recruitment services are for you if you nod on one or several of the following:

  • Do you want to boost your recruitment, but don’t know where to start?
  • Would you like to improve the visibility of your company to receive relevant applications and to attract the right talent audience?
  • Do you have a role to fill that needs sensitivity and low-key visibility? You don’t want to make it public or approach suitable applicants yourselves?
  • Do you want to find out how your employer brand is seen among the right talents you wish to attract?
  • Would you like to learn to headhunt efficiently?
  • Do you have a recruitment peak coming up and need someone to help you take some of the workload?

Understanding Employee Experience

When was the last time you had a quality 1-2-1 at work?

Do you know what your team or colleagues appreciate about their work and in your work community?

We’re on a mission to help companies become better employers and improve their people leadership skills. One practical way of doing this is measuring employee experience and hence producing employee insight.

Hold on… What?

By exploring employee insight you will understand what is meaningful to your employees and how your company accommodates this; what your employees appreciate about their job and work community. This understanding helps you better develop and lead the operations of your company = making your company a better place for your employees.

The tool that we use to measure employee experience is Siqni. Instead of traditional personnel surveys, Siqni provides a more meaningful, in-depth, and individualized analysis.

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Consulting services

Raas-palvelumalli Notarec

RaaS – Resourcing as a Service

Do you need the help of a professional to improve your recruitment processes?

For small and medium-sized companies that need a part-time recruiter.

Hire a recruiter

One of Us HR-palvelumalli

One of us

Do you want a skillful HR specialist for your project or for part-time?

For small and medium-sized companies that need a part-time HR.

Hire a HR specialist

Talent Finder IT-rekrytointi palvelumalli

Talent finder

Cannot find the right IT-professional?
Want to reach passive IT-job seekers?

For IT-companies that already have their own recruitment team.

I just need a developer