Modern and sustainable recruitment service

Do you need to recruit but don’t know where to start or how? Not enough good applicants in sight or you simply do not have enough time for recruitment?

If you are looking for skilled recruiters, look no further! We got an expert for you whether it is for finding and reaching the right expert for your open position, or building and nurturing your talent pool, and in general making sure your recruitment game is prepared for anything. In addition to filling positions, we are also experienced recruitment advisors and strategists. We can either support you or plan and lead recruitment and employer branding development projects.


Recruitment health check and development plan

Successful recruitments are the key for your company’s success, right? Do you know how well your recruitment process works for today’s requirements? Do you want to be better and more efficient at recruiting than your competitor? Do you know what the talent (you want to attract) think of your company as an employer?

Neutral recruitment audit and analysis combined with targeted talent market interviews/survey is the basis for building a wholesome recruitment development plan. This is an excellent starting point for developing recruitment and employer branding in total. Our experienced strategists and advisors will partner up with you on this. More details from Sofia or Kaisa.


Our recruitment experts help you with:

  • Recruitment assignment from start to finish
  • Partial help (sourcing, selecting, interviewing, assessments)
  • Managing all recruitment
  • Recruitment process audit and development plan
  • Supporting and training hiring managers in recruiting
  • Building your own applicant database/talent network
  • Building an impressive candidate experience
  • Employer branding & talent market insights
  • Gaining visibility within the target audience
  • Recruitment tools and system dvelopment and implementation
  • Recruitment metrics and reporting
  • Advisor-support and training (e.g. process, interviewing, offer-stage) for recruiters and hiring managers


When you need to hire several people in a year, best approach is an interim service model (recruiter or a whole team either part-time/full-time). For the best possible outcome, we have created interim service-models, where you do not only get the efficient work of our dedicated professionals, but also the tools for modern recruiting. Depending on your requirements, our consultants will work for you at least for one day per week searching, contacting, and interviewing suitable applicants and increasing your business’ visibility to the relevant talent audience.

More detailed content is always planned with you. We are a flexible partner: changes to most of the contracts with 7 days’ notice.

Our clients are pretty pleased with our work with a whopping NPS of 94 in 2023!! One client sums up our service pretty nicely:
”Now that you’re taking care of recruitment, I can sleep well again”.

Join our network of content and happy customers – let’s have a chat and see if we can be of help!


Recruitment projects

  • Advertisement search

    • Profile Specification
    • Job Ad: creating, posting and promoting in selected channels
    • Candidate processing and pre-screening, communication throughout the process
    • Support in interviews and contract negotiations
    • First Class Candidate Experience!
    • Assessment tests and Coaching available (add-on)
    • Real-time reporting & transparent working (either in the client’s own or in Notarec’s GDPR-secure recruitment system)
    • Suitable for positions that are relatively easy to fill and junior-level experts
    • Starting from €4,900
  • Direct search

    • Profile spec
    • Building a potential candidate pipeline (longest, shortlist)
    • Contacting & pre-screening candidates
    • Proactive communication to all stakeholders
    • Support in interviews & contract negotiations
    • First Class Candidate Experience!
    • Assessment tests and Coaching available (add-on)
    • Real-time reporting & transparent working (either in the client’s own or in Notarec’s GDPR-secure recruitment system)
    • Ideal for challenging and sensitive hires
    • Starting from €7,900
  • Hybrid search

    • Combination of Advertisement & Direct search
    • Ideal for positions that may not get any relevant applicants (talent shortage / brand awareness)
    • Starting from €8,900

    Best solution for when you want to secure that you get relevant candidates for the process and also when you want to promote your brand and attract a wider audience.

  • Executive search

    • Director- and c-level searches
    • Typically either direct search or hybrid search
    • Assessment tests and Coaching for the start of employment
    • Starting from €16,900

    Hiring a key person to your organisation is one of your company’s most expensive investments. Thorough and professional recruitment process with a focus on providing a first-class candidate experience will save a fortune.

  • Partial support

    When help is needed in:

    • Using/access needed to a modern recruitment software
    • Processing applications
    • Sourcing candidates to the process
    • Candidate communication – first-class candidate experience!
    • Starting from €2,100

    Perfect when you have enough resources to handle recruitment on your own, but need a modern, GDPR-safe, recruitment system – or a reliable partner to ensure top-notch candidate experience in the process.

  • Recruitment health check & development plan

    A holistic view to recruitment practices and policies to help you understand current state – where we are, where to focus on and what needs urgent attention. Health check topics: recruitment process, sourcing, interviews & selection, application management & communication, data & tech, GDPR, compliance, DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion), training, pre-boarding.

    Starting from €3,900

Interim service

  • In-house Recruiter

    For companies that need to hire for several roles and want to build their own talent pipeline.

    • role specifications, job ad writing, publishing and promoting, direct search, candidate communication, screening, interviews, employment contract negotiations, recruitment support, etc. 
    • Professional recruiter tools include, among others:
      • The highest LinkedIn Recruiter license
      • 3 different personnel assessment tools
      • Notarec’s candidate network
    • Real-time reporting, transparent collaboration (either in client’s own ATS or Notarec’s GDPR-safe recruitment system)
    • Pricing €3,500 – €15,500 per month (+VAT)
  • Talent Acquisition Lead

    For companies in the growth phase that want a comprehensive and strategic partner for recruitment and its development.

    The service includes, e.g.:

    • Recruitment and employer branding strategy work
    • Career pages & recruitment marketing plan
    • Managing/coaching and implementing recruitment and employer branding work, team lead
    • Internal training (recruitment, interview techniques, strategies, headhunting)
    • Tools, metrics, reporting
    • ATS implementation & set-up
    • Real-time reporting, transparent collaboration (either in client’s own ATS or Notarec’s GDPR-safe recruitment system)
    • Pricing €4,500 – €19,500 per month (+VAT)
  • Recruitment-team as a Service

    For companies who want to build a modern and agile world-class recruitment function.

    • Team includes Recruitment Strategist &/ TA lead, recruiter(s)
    • Transparency: Real-time reporting, transparent collaboration (either in client’s own ATS or Notarec’s GDPR-safe recruitment system)
    • Service levels from Mini to Rapid Growth. Let’s discuss your targets and tailor the best possible solution.
    • Rt-aaS Mini: recruitment systems + application management, processing & communication – starting from €995 per month (minimum 12-month contract)

Roles filled

  • CFO
  • CIO
  • CISO
  • CMO
  • CTO


  • Head of Service Delivery
  • HR Manager, HR Director
  • IT Manager, IT Director
  • Global IT director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Management Director
  • Sales Director, Global Head of Sales



  • Architect
  • Designer
  • Developer, Senior developer
  • Embedded SW engineer
  • Engineer
  • Product Owner, Product Manager
  • Scrum master
  • Security specialist
  • Team Lead
  • Technology Manager
  • Test automation developer
  • UX/UI designer


  • BI specialist
  • Cloud architect/security architect, cloud engineer
  • CRM specialist, CRM product owner
  • Data architect, Data Platform Architect
  • Data engineer
  • Data Management Lead
  • DevOps specialists, DevOps Architect
  • ERP specialist/consultant (D365FO)
  • Information Architect
  • IT project manager, IT program manager
  • Product Owner
  • Solution Architect
  • Technology Manager


  • Account Manager
  • Accounting Specialist
  • Business Controller
  • Engineer, Renewable Energy
  • Financial Controller
  • HR Specialist
  • Management Coordinator
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Sales Manager
  • Technical Customer Support

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Let's discuss Your hiring needs


  • What makes us a good partner in HR and recruitment?

    We do our job with a big heart. We want to understand how to genuinely create value for our customers and help them succeed. In order to guarantee customer satisfaction, we give you a value proposition.

    Our core expertise lies in IT recruitment and headhunting. We have a track record of hundreds of successful expert-level placements in Finland and also in Europe. We have seen a lot and know what works and what not.

  • What is unique about us?

    We are not just a normal consultant company. You do not need to find the HR unicorn anymore – when you partner with our consultant, you get the expertise of our whole team.

    We get positive feedback from our customers about our values, company culture, and attitude. We take responsibility for our work and you are not marrying us when you start a partnership with us. We are flexible and we understand the changing circumstances of our customers – changes to the contract with 7 days’ notice.

  • We are not an IT company... Are we in the right place?

    Absolutely!  We are not limited to IT as our consultants have background in other industries too.

  • We have a project coming up. Do we hire one consultant or get to use multiple consultants at once?

    We’ll discuss this based on what’s best for your company. We recommend using multiple consultants when you require special knowledge in different fields. Only the amount of total hours is agreed beforehand.


  • How long will it take to fill a position?

    Normally it takes 3-6 weeks to fill a position depending on chosen methods and schedule.