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HR need identified, but where to start? Does your company need its first HR to create and develop processes, practices, and leadership? Are there upcoming extended leaves or personnel changes that require skilled expertise quickly and flexibly? Perhaps a bigger change in sight that could use some external help?

We offer HR expertise on a part-time or project basis. In the “Not another HR” model, you get at least one expert for occasional or more permanent need. By partnering up with Notarec, you also leverage the expertise of our entire team – no more searching for the HR unicorn.

Not Another HR-model is the perfect option when:

  • You need a first HR for your business (part-time/full-time)
  • Your own HR work load gets excessive
  • Up-coming change or development projects
  • You need a HR specialist to jump in due to a longer leave or changes in HR team


There are many focus areas our consultants can jump right in, such as recruiting, interviewing, employment contracts, onboarding, coaching, development, or change management projects, employee well-being, HR auditing, and creating HR processes and materials. We got you covered.

With Not Another HR-model, you can hire a HR professional ad hoc or for more permanent need. This is a suitable option for companies that need workforce during parental leave, or if the need is part-time/project-based.

More detailed content is always planned with you. We are a flexible partner: changes to most of the contracts with 7 days’ notice.

Our clients are pretty pleased with our work with a whopping NPS of 94 in 2023!!

One client sums up our service pretty nicely:
”I understand what HR is in general, and why it exists; and also what can be expected from HR at different levels. Our employees gradually start to feel cared for when there is an HR plan in place, and it has begun to be implemented”.

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  • HR generalist

    For companies currently focused on fulfilling employer responsibilities, managing the most critical administrative tasks, and supporting supervisors in daily HR issues. HR management.

    For example:

    • Statutory plans
    • Early support model
    • HR administration
    • Support for supervisors/managers in HR matters
    • GDPR
    • Payroll liaison
    • Process descriptions
    • Staff handbook


    HR generalist ranging from €2,950 to €16,950 per month (+VAT)

  • HR specialist

    For companies that want to understand, lead and develop their employee experience and culture. HR development.

    For example:

    • Employee experience research and action plan
    • Supervisor/leadership coaching
    • Systems & tools supporting growth
    • Leadership development
    • Process design
    • Development of cooperation
    • Defining and leading culture


    HR specialist ranging from €5,900 to €18,950 per month (+VAT)

  • HR Manager/Director

    For companies that want to succeed financially, stand out from their competitors, engage their experts, and ensure sustainable growth.

    For example:

    • Developing a human resources strategy
    • Strategic partnership – sparring and support for HR team
    • Managing, identifying, and developing capabilities
    • Change management
    • Executive coaching


    HR manager ranging from €8,970 to €22,900 per month (+VAT)

  • HR Advisory

    • Leadership team or Board sparring in HR
    • HR mentoring
    • Starting from €275/h
  • HR-team as a Service

    For companies that want to build world-class agile & modern HR processes and management
    • Team includes HR manager & specialist/generalist(s)
    • Service levels vary from Mini to Rapid Growth. Let’s design the whole package together.
    • HR-as-a-Service Mini: Health check + clinic
  • HR Clinic

    Continuous support for HR Health check clients. Monthly HR sparring and ad-hoc consulting flexibly

    • Starting from €495/month (+VAT) incl. CEO/Founder HR-sparring + Notarec support channel
    • ad-hoc consulting from €150/h (+VAT)

HR Health Check

With the help of our Human Resource Management Health Check we can determine the current state of your company’s HR practices and recruitment, and identify areas where development efforts should be directed. The aim of the health check is to strengthen the quality, efficiency, and legality of the business. A well-conducted HR health check can prevent many future problems, such as potential ambiguities in employment contracts that (in the worst case scenario) an employee could dispute, or violations related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which could result in hefty fines.

HR health check to analyze the current state:

  • What we are doing well
  • What to consider in the future
  • What requires immediate attention


As a result of the health check, you will receive a report that includes a current state analysis and an HR development plan with roadmap.

Add depth with understanding employee experience: HR health check PREMIUM!

In addition to the basic HR health check, we conduct an employee experience research. Results are reported and debriefed to both the management and the entire organisation.

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  • What makes us a good partner in HR and recruitment?

    We do our job with a big heart. We want to understand how to genuinely create value for our customers and help them succeed. In order to guarantee customer satisfaction, we give you a value proposition.

  • What is unique about us?

    We are not just a normal consultant company. You do not need to find the HR unicorn anymore – when you partner with our consultant, you get the expertise of our whole team.

    We get positive feedback from our customers about our values, company culture, and attitude. We take responsibility for our work and you are not marrying us when you start a partnership with us. We are flexible and we understand the changing circumstances of our customers – changes to the contract with 7 days’ notice.

  • We need a part-time HR professional for the season, is that ok?

    Absolutely. We only offer flexible contracts (changes can be made in 7 days’ notice).

  • Can I decide who is going to work for us?

    Of course! You get to interview our HR professionals before you make the decision.

  • How do I know if I should choose RaaS or One of Us?

    We go through your requirements together and give you a proposal based on it. However, RaaS-model is suitable when you need help with recruitment, and Not Another HR when there’s a long-term project or you require a part time HR.