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Not finding the right talent or too high turnover rate can slow down a successful and profitable growth.

We enable our partners' success by business supportive strategic HR and recruitment advisory services. Our flexible solutions are always tailored and accessible for start ups too.

HR Services

Modern HR specialists (and generalists) at your service for specialist level people & culture work or handling the HR work comprehensively.

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Recruitment Services

Our recruitment specialists help you reach the right talent, build your talent network, provide you with modern recruitment tools and unify your recruitment process.

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We offer versatile coaching solutions to develop your teams and line managers. We also help you handling conflicts and difficult changes.

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Modern Employee Survey

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Understanding Employee Experience


When was the last time you had a quality 1-2-1 at work?

Do you know what your team or colleagues appreciate about their work and in your work community?

We’re on a mission to help companies become better employers. One practical way of doing this is measuring employee experience and hence producing employee insight.

Hold on… What?

By exploring employee insight you will understand what is meaningful to your employees and how your company accommodates this; what your employees appreciate about their job and work community. This understanding helps you better develop and lead the operations of your company = making your company a better place for your employees.

The tool that we use to measure employee experience is Siqni. Instead of traditional personnel surveys, Siqni provides a more meaningful, in-depth, and individualized analysis.


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