Work-Life Coaching

A work-life coach helps your team work smoothly together and creates a basis for healthier circumstances at work, which leads to a more productive work environment. In work-life coaching we explore subjects from a positive perspective. We also practice how to handle challenging situations at work.

When You Want to Make Your Work Environment a Better Place

When a difficult challenge emerges at work, a work-life coach is often called for help. Handling challenging situations is part of the professional life and the work community learns from these. Work-life coaching gives you space and time to explore various things that are meaningful for the work community.


So, what things would exactly be explored in work-life coaching?

Here’s a few example, together we pick the relevant topics!

  • Work achievements
  • Work community skills
  • Challenging situations at work
  • Customer relationships
  • Rules at work
  • Work satisfaction
  • Leadership
  • Coping with workload
  • Individual mindset towards work
  • Career development


In an ideal situation,  the handling of challenges is rehearsed before they emerge. Not when the situation is already escalated. Own well-being at work would not be at risk and there would be room for professional development by doing so.

Work-life coaching works best when it is held on a regular basis at least once a month (recommended course lasts for 5-10 times). Every work-life coaching session is designed together with the customer in order to meet your community’s requirements. In coaching, different practical tools can be used together with conversations. Those tools can be writing, role-playing, objects, cards, and mental imagery.

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