Outplacement Coaching

Do you need a trustworthy and emphatic partner for your outplacement project? We offer efficient management for outplacement projects and individual career coaching. We also give you access to our wide local business networks to support individuals to secure their next job.

When Redundancies Need to Be Handled With Respect

Reducing staff is a challenging situation for any company. Everyone needs support: the laid-off, line managers, and the people who got to keep their jobs. How you act in that situation will affect your employer image and therefore, dealing with the redundancy should be handled with extra care.


What Makes Us Your Trusted Partner in Outplacements?
  • Experience in handling multiple outplacement projects efficiently
  • Individualized and effective career coaching in multiple different fields
  • Wide business networks to support individuals to move on
  • Excellent competence to support staff in all stages of outplacement
  • Willingness to help all sides with respect and appreciation


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