Career Coaching

Are you wondering where you'd like to be in a few years? Having a discussion with a career coach helps you clarify your own goals and motivators. A professional knows how to support you and help you change your career goals into concrete action points.

When You Want Your Dream Career to Come True

In career coaching, you will clarify your goals and dreams. You can take your career thinking further, into 1-5 years, and build concrete steps towards your dream. Career coaching clarifies your thoughts when you are planning on making changes to your job or career.


Sounds great, but when should I consider career coaching?

When you want to explore some of these:

  • Your professional strengths and how to clarify them
  • What your personality strengths are, and how they are shown at your work and in its results
  • Your achievements and how to utilise them effectively in job search and in the future job
  • Your values, what is important to you in your job and in your work community
  • Opportunities to upgrade your professional skills
  • How to sell your professional skills to companies that interest you


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