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Modern recruitment and HR experts - serving human2human. Hire an experienced recruiter or a HR for part time or longer projects. We have "No bullshit" -mentality, speak quite frankly and most importantly we are fair to everyone.

Not Another HR

You are growing and a need for HR is recognized? 

Want to build a company that attracts and retains the right talent?

You are in the right place – book a meeting with us! We offer HR experts for projects and for part-time.

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Not Another Recruiter

Need to hire top talent?

Want to modernize recruitment process?

We are good at these! Our recruitment experts help you find suitable candidates and help you understand more about your current positioning within the targeted talent audience. Check out our recruitment services!

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Not Another Coach

Challenging situations at work? Want to give tools and support for leaders?

Or do you need a trusted partner for your outplacement project?

Taking a new step in your career can be a big change. Sometimes a coach can help you become the best version of yourself. Coach can also help teams work better together. Notarec is also your trusted partner for outplacement projects.

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A few partners we work with

DIY: build a tailored HR best suited for your organisation's needs!


  • One-off headhunting assignments: IT/tech/engineering, C-level executive search
  • We build a proactive recruitment function
  • We boost your recruitment by building a talent network
  • We develop your recruitment capacity with modern tools, methods and best practices
  • We train your people to succeed in attracting top talent
  • We unify and equalize your recruitment process within the whole organisation

Employer Branding

  • We find out what the talents you want to attract actually think of you as an employer
  • We study your employee experience and internal reality
  • We refine your EVP (Employee Value Proposition)
  • We enhance and bring focus to the recruitment language used and communication throughout
  • We refresh your career site to attract the talent you wish to hire


  • We update your HR processes matching today’s requirements
  • We build you business supportive HR processes
  • We help you to develop a culture that supports your business and people
  • We bring your employee life-cycle processes from preboarding to onboarding and offboarding up-to-date
  • We make sure your statutory HR matters are looked after


  • We help line managers to succeed in their people work
  • We coach organisations towards a positive feedback culture
  • We study what motivates your employees and how meaningful they mark their work
  • We offer career or worklife coaching with difficult situations and help through changes, such as outplacement