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Modern recruitment and HR experts from Oulu - serving human2human. Hire an experienced recruiter or a HR for part-time or for a project. We have "No bullshit" -mentality, speak quite frankly and most importantly we are fair to everyone.


  • Need to hire someone? Consider it done.
  • Need to rethink your end-to-end recruitment process? We’d love to help – Our way of working is sharing our knowledge so you can recruit efficiently.

Employer Branding

  • Do you want to know what potential talents on the market think about your company? Want to measure your employer brand? I’m on it.
  • Do you have a career site that needs renewing? No problem, we excel in writing HR marketing stories and material.
Notarec kissa kuvituskuva
we are good at these, so get in touch! We’d love to help.


  • Need an HR audit for your company? Revisioning HR processes, materials or benefits? Check.
  • New employees getting up and running efficiently? Your onboarding process needs updating?  Done.


  • Do you want to know what motivates your employees and what is meaningful to them about their job? We got you.
  • Or do you want to support your staff and managers by providing them career or work-life coaching? Roger that.

Services for You

Would you like to secure your next role by excelling when applying?

Or do you want to get your hands on the hidden IT-jobs?

Applying for jobs can be tricky. Do not worry, we are here for you and help you woo employers by polishing your job-seeking skills. Through us, you’ll find hidden IT & engineering jobs.

Services for you

Not another HR

Does HR work make you scratch your head?

Do you want to build an employer brand that attracts the right talent?

You are in the right place – book a meeting with us! We offer HR experts for projects and for part-time.

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Not Another Recruiter

Need extra hands in recruitment?

Do recruitment processes need updating?

We are good at these! Our recruitment experts help you to find suitable IT-workers and make your recruiting efficient. Get to know our recruitment services!

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Not Another Coach

Do you face challenges within your work community?

Or do you need a trusted partner for your outplacement project?

Taking a new step in your career can be a big change. In order to do it successfully, you sometimes need the help of a professional. A work-life coach can help teams work better together. Notarec is also your trusted partner for outplacement projects.

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Need a new boost to recruitment?

Onboarding not working as expected?

Consider it done! The workshops we have designed will put you on the right track and provide you with tangible solutions. Click to discover more and book a meeting with us!

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